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Professional team of international freelance musicians from all over India with more than 20 years of experience in live Indian music.


No stage is stranger for them. They perform internationally and in all types of events from Stage Show to small private functions. From Bollywood film songs, old and new, to Mehefils, Garba, Bhajan, Ghazals, Mehendi Nights, Lagna Geet, Wedding reception or dinner and dance. 

The band’s main elements performed in various International Music Festivals in Europe and Africa. In stage, a range of romantic songs, dancing numbers, folk, ghazals, qwalis can blend to delight of a variety of musical taste.

The band line-up depends on the event and your needs. The main setup includes keyboard, drums and Indian percussion a male or/and female vocalist. More musicians can be included for an even more staggering performance. 

For special and unique Bollywood experience, we can also incorporate dancers in colorful traditional costumes (see Dancers) 

To make your event hassle free, we provide a personalized PA system for any type and size for your selected venue. Contact us for a truly professional Indian live entertainment. Make us part of your unforgettable event.

Live Orchestra Bands, who sing in different styles 

- Hindi: Traditional film songs as well as latest pop remixes; 

- Gujarati: Folk songs, raas-garba, wedding songs and bhajans; 

- Punjabi: Classic bhangra tracks and remixes;


- Swahili: The popular numbers originating from East Africa; Weddings Celebrations


Angel Events presents its very own brand new and original Bollywood & Fusion Dance Group in the UK, an exciting and spectacular energetic performance group.  
Our unique choreography and moves involve popular Bollywood music, the exotic fusion of Bollywood with Western music, Indian classical, Western contemporary as well as Arabic moves to the latest Asian tracks.  
Our dance routines consist of 3-4 medleys of many songs fused together. We are even able to give our clients the opportunity to select their favourite tracks for the dance routines.  
From music to set, costume to choreography, our unique dance group constantly strives to learn, to educate, to discover and to invent. 
All our artists are fully trained in dance capabilities, and our dance routines can also be personalised to the taste of each individual client… resulting with a spectacular performance that is perfect for your occasion. 


We offer dancers for events all over the UK. Our Dancers range from 18 all the way up to 40’s. We offer a range of dance styles that include: 



Originating from the northern state of Punjab, Bhangra is one of the most popular dance styles in India. These upbeat dance styles consists of upper and lower body movements and, besides being amongst the most popular dance styles, it offers an aggressive and enjoyable cardio workout. 


Dandia Raas 

Dandia Raas is associated with Garba and is also performed during Navratri. Traditionally, Raas was only performed by men but it has evolved into a dance that people of all ages can do. Raas is played with two sticks, each being about 1.5 feet long. The sticks are hit together to the beat of the accompanying song and people will move from partner to partner in a choreographed dance. Raas is a highly energetic and more fast-paced type of dance. 



Garba is a popular folk dance native to the state of Gujarat, located in Western India. Traditionally, it is performed during a 9 day festival called Navratri (Nav = 9, Ratri = nights). It consists of intricate and graceful hand movements that is rhythmically connected to the feet movements. 



Encompassing the spirit of the Thar Desert, Rajasthan has been a haven of various folk art forms. A medieval history of princely states, provided patronage to these art forms and their artists. Vibrant, vigorous and graceful, the dances of Rajasthan evoke the desert in all its moods 


Film Songs 

Bollywood has become a household name. Bollywood dance combines many folk and semi-classical dance moves to create a modern style that can be experienced in Indian Movies. Bollywood dance has no boundaries and encompasses movements from both the East and West. 



A combination of all different dance styles from around the globe, fusion is a combination of the old and new as well as the East and the West. It is a dance style that encompasses salsa, hip-hop, Indian folk, and any other dance styles imaginable. It is an exciting way to explore and experience the different dances of the world. 



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- Live Musical Orchestra 

- Dhol Players

- Bhangra Nights 

- Sangeet sandhya Night.

- Garba Events

- Comedian Laughter Shows 

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